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It's Monday 😴☕️

How's everyone doing this morning? Good? Not so good? That's okay. Take it hour by hour, minute by minute if you have to! But make sure to go about your day (whatever may be on your agenda) and SMASH IT like the kings and queens that you are.

I want to share a dream I had last night as a little #mondaymotivation for you... I was back in high school and I walked into my classroom. Tons of people I knew were there, but none of them would let me sit with them. (To be fair, it was a Monday and I was wearing sweatpants, BUT STILL.) No matter who I asked, I got shut down. Nobody wanted me around. You know what else I remember about the dream though? Every time I asked to sit down and someone said no, I wasn’t upset or discouraged. I just moved on to the next seat.

Let’s treat this week with the same attitude. Little hits are gonna happen here and there, and we can’t control that. What we can control is how we react. You can choose to be happy, flippant, sarcastic, upbeat, etc. Whatever gets you through and reminds you that you are worthy. Of what, you ask? OF EVERY GOOD THING!

So, listen... depending on what time zone you're in, Monday may already be over. All the same, I hope you had a fabulous day. Take a positive attitude into tomorrow, fill your cups with delicious coffee, and show Tuesday who's boss.

Peace out, homeskillets!

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