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C.A. Klug's books (both published and in progress) will appear here as cover images and synopses.



Middle Grade, Fantasy, Series 

Jenna and Hallie, twelve-year-old identical twin sisters, live a fairly normal life. They have a mom, Lou, who is pretty cool as far as moms go. They have four best friends in Alan, Jules, Lindsay, and Thomas. They go to school. They play games. It's all normal. That is, until it's not...

When Jenna and Hallie arrive home from school to find a stranger in their kitchen, she tells the twins the truth: they were born in another world called Pawcombe, and it is their birthright (theirs, and their four best friends') to put an end to the evil man reigning terror over Pawcombe. This will mean journeying back to a lush, forested world they don't remember, meeting strange creatures, and fighting in deadly battles. They are the only ones who can help. They are the hope Pawcombe has waited for. They are the Sought Six.


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Middle Grade, Fantasy, Series

Things are changing for Jenna and Hallie Dalmore. Not only is everybody anticipating an engagement between Lou and Levi, but the kids' last year of elementary school is supposed to begin in just a few days. Back in Pawcombe, the evil Zyngor has recovered from the injuries he suffered last year. Returning to Pawcombe this time around will put a lot of things on hold, which Jenna and Hallie have very mixed feelings about.

But when they arrive, it soon becomes clear that Zyngor's recovery isn't the only change Pawcombe has in store for them. Their job as the renowned Sought Six is also about to change. In fact, it may never be the same again.


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Immerse yourself into this collection of poetry and prose, all written in 20 minutes or less. Raw, unedited, pure. The thoughts and feelings expressed in these pages will resonate with readers of all ages.

If Nothing Else... expresses opinions on life, love, societal happenings, and above all, peace. More particularly, a desperate wish for peace in the world.


Middle Grade, Dark Fantasy

Henry Jenkins has really done it this time. He's had one too many scuffles with the school bully, who relentlessly tortures him over the fact that he doesn't live with his parents. As if it's his fault. Not only that, but the jerk also picks on Henry's best friend, Kate, for the same reasons. He had enough and he snapped - sue him. Or rather, as his principal decides: suspend him. It's totally not fair. But when both Henry and Kate wake up the next morning in a whole other world's prison for unruly children, "fair" doesn't even factor into the equation.

Before Henry can even figure out how he ended up in this dark and dismal world, he and Kate are thrown into a series of daily chores assigned by the prison's nasty warden, the Varlette. At first, doing these chores and surviving the Varlette's unpredictable and barbaric punishments seem to be their only concern, but very soon, things start to heat up. It turns out that a child who went missing back home over two decades ago has been in the Varlette's world this whole time, and she enlists Henry and Kate in a plot to escape. Easier said than done. Following this escape plan will mean navigating their way around the Varlette's twisted world to collect a series of hidden items, all while keeping up with their assigned chores. They have no idea what they're in for. As Henry will discover, getting past the Varlette's many tricks and traps will be the easy part. Getting past the Varlette herself will be unlike anything he could have ever expected.

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Middle Grade, Epic Fantasy

When Princess Lysabelle's father (King of the Great Wood) unexpectedly passes away, Lysa is set to become Queen. Mourning the loss of her father, she vows to keep true to each and every motion he upheld, one of which being keeping a safe distance from the dragons who live in the mountains. After all, it was a dragon who killed Lysa's mother when she was just a baby.

Just as the coronation plans begin, an evil warlock named Morren kidnaps Lysa and holds her for ransom. His preferred payment? Allowing him to rule the kingdom and undo all of the late king's good deeds. That in itself is a terrifying concept for Lysa, but perhaps even more terrifying is that while she is locked up in Morren's dungeon, she's sharing a cell with a huge dragon named Kaida.

When the two of them escape the dungeon and end up on the run from Morren, going home is no longer an option for either of them. The only way to defeat Morren and return home alive is for Lysa and Kaida to put aside their differences and come together. Not just them, but their families, too. The future of the kingdom depends on it.

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Coming Soon
Middle Grade, Magical Realism/Fantasy

On a hot summer's day, four-year-old Sarah is walking through the shopping centre with her mommy and clutching her beloved rag doll, Dolly, in her arms. Commotion here, diversion there, and poor Dolly gets lost in the shoe store. A heartbroken Sarah goes home without her best friend.

That was forty years ago.

Dolly spends a lifetime on a shelf in that shoe store's back office, waiting for Sarah to come back for her. Eventually, she decides that Sarah simply must not know where she is, and that she must take matters into her own cloth hands. Dolly's devotion for Sarah is so strong that it has a... shall we say, life of its own?

Once Dolly escapes the shoe store and explores the city a little, she manages to find Sarah's house. But Sarah is not a little girl anymore - she's all grown up, and she even has a child of her own. Now Dolly wonders if reuniting with Sarah was such a good idea after all. Is it the welcome surprise she hoped it would be, or is her presence just a disruption in Sarah's new life?

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