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C.A. Klug's bestseller, The Sought Six: The Sterling Cone, has become a beloved story for children aged 9-14 and explores the themes of friendship, courage and perseverance, and good triumphing over evil.

Click Here to read the little-known journey from idea to book - the story of perseverance from C.A. Klug herself.

Oh, and keep a sharp eye out for Book #2, coming soon!

Praise for


"Like JK Rowling's Harry Potter books, the sparkle here comes from an abundance of magical ideas. Knock four times - Pawcombe awaits."

- Kirkus Reviews

"My class loved it! They clapped and cheered at the end and asked to read the sequel! We can't wait!"

- Natalie A, Ontario teacher

"Mesmerizing and imaginative."

- Blue Reviews

"Purchased 'The Sought Six' for a 5th grade mentee through an after school program and he was hooked after the very first chapter!"

- Matthew T, a representative of WITS Chicago 

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