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The Sought Six: The Secret of Inferno Rock

Hi! I'm the sequel to the blue book below me! I've got all your favourite characters from that book, plus a few new ones, and even more fantasy and adventure than before. You can PRE-ORDER my EBOOK right now by clicking on me, and I'm available in paperback and hardcover on June 7, 2024!

Hi! I'm a fantasy/adventure novel for kids 9-14. Kind of like "Narnia" meets "The Goonies". Cool, eh?? You can buy me by clicking on me!

Canadian children's author C.A. Klug debut bestseller "The Sought Six: The Sterling Cone"
"The Puppet Master" cover image

Hi! I'm a spooky dark fantasy novel for kids 9-14. Imagine if "Coraline" met "Holes", and then they both went to meet "Wednesday" for tea. Sound eerily good?? Then click on me to buy me!

Hi! I am a poetry anthology for teens and adults. I was put together over the pandemic, so I'm full of the emotions all you humans can relate to. Click on me to buy me!

Canadian author C.A. Klug book of poetry from the heart, relatable prose
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