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C.A. Klug's bestseller, The Sought Six: The Sterling Cone, has become a beloved story for children aged 9-14 and explores the themes of friendship, courage and perseverance, and good triumphing over evil.

The second UNCUT edition is coming soon!

Oh, and keep a sharp eye out for Book #2, coming soon!

This new collection of poetry is raw, real, and pure. They discuss life, society, happiness, sadness, and an overwhelming desire for world peace.

Catherine hopes that some of these thoughts and feelings will resonate with readers everywhere.

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Praise for


"Like JK Rowling's Harry Potter books, the sparkle here comes from an abundance of magical ideas. Knock four times - Pawcombe awaits."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Mesmerizing and imaginative."

- Blue Reviews

"My class loved it! They clapped and cheered at the end and asked to read the sequel! We can't wait!"

- Natalie A, Ontario teacher

"Purchased 'The Sought Six' for a 5th grade mentee through an after school program and he was hooked after the very first chapter!"

- Matthew T, a representative of WITS Chicago 

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