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"The Puppet Master" cover image

Hi! I'm a spooky dark fantasy novel for kids 9-14. Imagine if "Coraline" met "Holes", and then they both went to meet "Wednesday" for tea. Sound eerily good?? Then click on me to buy me!

Hi! I'm a fantasy/adventure novel for kids 9-14. Kind of like "Narnia" meets "The Goonies". Cool, eh?? You can buy me by clicking on me!

Canadian children's author C.A. Klug debut bestseller "The Sought Six: The Sterling Cone"
Canadian author C.A. Klug book of poetry from the heart, relatable prose

Hi! I am a poetry anthology for teens and adults. I was put together over the pandemic, so I'm full of the emotions all you humans can relate to. Click on me to buy me!

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